A major breakthrough! China and Germany for the first time to prepare artificial antiferromagnetic


  Artificial antiferromagnetic is not only an important part of a variety of new spin electronic devices (such as magnetic random access memory), but also an important carrier for the study of antiferromagnetic materials. The discovery of the giant magnetoresistance effect in the artificial antiferromagnet in the late 1980s led to the birth of spin electronics, and it was also because of its successful application in the field of commercial magnetic storage, which makes cloud storage and cloud Calculation and other emerging industries become possible. For a long time, for the artificial anti-ferromagnetic materials, physical and device research, more focused on the transition metal and its alloy materials, but the successful preparation of whole-oxide artificial anti-ferromagnetic is rarely reported.

  The latest research is mainly done by Professor Wu Wenbin, National Laboratory of Science and Technology, Hefei, China. He has found a clear antiferromagnetic interlayer coupling coupling effect in the preparation of antiferromagnets. For the first time, The variation law of the coupling strength with the thickness and temperature of each layer is given, and the possible coupling mechanism is given. Germany Ulysses Research Center researcher Su Yixi using Munich high-throughput neutron reactor and the associated high-sensitivity neutron spectrometer test, confirmed that the whole oxide epitaxial system of artificial antiferromagnetic present antiferromagnetic coupling The This work will play an important role in promoting the development of oxide spin electronics, and also provides a new platform and ideas for further exploration of functional oxide interface.

  This study is a very high standard of experimental work, and its research is excellent in sample quality and characterization, and the results are very interesting and potentially open up to other oxide multilayer films. New research direction.

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