Major projects of science and technology help the development of CNC machine tool industry


  More than 8 years, the cumulative application for invention patents 3956, the national and industry standards 407, research and development of new products, new technology 2951, the central government funds invested 9.114 billion yuan, the new output value of about 70.6 billion yuan in industry research institutions, Key enterprises to build 18 innovative capacity platform, the deployment of 70 demonstration projects, training innovative talents more than 5500 people ... ...

  Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology in conjunction with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology organized the "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" national science and technology major results conference, introduced the special implementation of CNC machine tools for more than eight years to achieve gratifying results.

  Difficult to succeed

  "CNC machine tools are industrial 'machine machine', the development of high-end CNC machine tools is both industrial and information technology supply side of the structural reform, accelerate the construction of power to build an objective need, but also to achieve the integration of military and civilian development strategy to ensure national security urgent requirements . CNC machine tools for more than 8 years, the majority of machine tool enterprises, users and experts work together, tackling tough, made a number of gratifying results. "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Deputy Secretary for Industry and Equipment, said Luo Junjie.

  According to reports, from the special implementation of the initial 2009, CNC machine tools focused on a wide range of market demand for processing centers and CNC lathe research and development were deployed. "Twelfth Five-Year" at the end of China's machine tool enterprise product design and manufacturing capabilities have been significantly improved, high-end CNC machine tools and equipment, the international competitiveness of the ever-increasing. Machine tool enterprises to develop a large number of new products to meet market demand, gantry-type machining centers, five-axis machining centers and other manufacturing technology tends to mature, heavy forging equipment performance close to the international advanced level, precision horizontal machining center with independent intellectual property rights The core technology of flexible manufacturing system.

  Industrial development, standards first. CNC machine tools through the special focus on the layout and effective implementation of the machine tool industry standards and technical specifications gradually improved. According to the Chinese Academy of Engineering, CNC machine tool special technical director Lu Bingheng introduction, the end of 2016, China's own proposed for the detection of five-axis linkage tool precision S-shaped specimen standards have been approved by the International Commission, to achieve our high-end CNC machine tools Detection of the field standard "zero" breakthrough.

  CNC system is the machine tool "brain", is to determine the CNC machine tool function, performance, reliability, cost and price of the key factors, but also restricts the development of China's CNC machine tool industry bottlenecks. And the foundation is weak, "lack of mind" has been "Made in China" short board. CNC system, servo motor, servo drive is the most important key components of manufacturing equipment. To achieve the "Made in China 2025" goal, the formation of "China Zhi Zhi" core competitiveness, can not be separated from the numerical control system, including servo drive, servo motor and other key technology innovation.

  CNC machine tools special deployment of the implementation of the whole industry chain layout, domestic CNC system to achieve some of the original technology beyond (such as embedded integrated numerical control device hardware platform, etc.). Enterprises have mastered the hardware and software platform design and mass production technology of CNC system, and reached the technical level of international mainstream products in key technical indexes such as multi-channel, multi-axis linkage and high-speed interpolation. 2016, CNC machine tools to support the development of high-end CNC system has accumulated more than 1,000 sets of domestic market share by the special start before the lack of 1% to about 5%. Mid-range CNC system to achieve mass production, the domestic market share increased from 10% to 25%. Formed three industrial production base, special support of the CNC system has achieved sales of nearly 4 billion yuan. Ball screw, rail, power tool holder and other key features in the accuracy, reliability and other key indicators are close to the international advanced level.

  Since the implementation of CNC machine tools, key areas of equipment support capabilities continue to improve.

  To the five-axis machining center as the representative of the high-end CNC machine tools, aircraft in the typical structural parts, aerospace complex and precision structural parts, aircraft missile engine parts and other areas to achieve mass demonstration applications for large aircraft, new fighters, lunar exploration and other countries Major projects and key projects provide key manufacturing equipment. For example, 80,000 tons of large-scale forging presses and 10,000 tons of aluminum tensile tension machine and other "large power unit" the successful development of China's aviation profile manufacturing into the world's advanced ranks; large tank complete sets of welding equipment, large-scale strong Spinning equipment, automatic drilling riveting equipment and other space special manufacturing equipment for the Long March 5, the sun on the 1st launch mission to achieve a successful success to provide a strong support. In the field of automobile manufacturing, economic development of large-scale rapid and flexible automatic stamping production line, five years of successful export of nine production lines, the domestic market share of more than 70%, the global market share of more than 30%.

  "China is the world's first manufacturing power, the implementation of the beginning of the special implementation of our country in the field of high-end manufacturing equipment and the international advanced level there is a big gap.Through a special 8-year lead and lead, formed a covering aerospace, automotive, Key areas of the typical equipment of the top ten landmark results, the basic representative of China's high-end machine tool equipment R & D and application of the highest level, has for nuclear power, large aircraft and other major national projects and new fighters, launch vehicles and a number of key national projects to provide the key Manufacturing equipment, in a number of key technologies and equipment to achieve a breakthrough, strong support and protection of national security. "Lu Bingheng said.y


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