Machine tool market demand increases, CME China Machine Tool Show is your choice not to be missed


  China's machine tool industry under pressure to run low, further increase the downward trend. In the fierce market competition, the industry industrial structure, product structure and market demand contradiction is more prominent, high-end, dedicated, CNC machine tool products increased demand for low-end products significantly reduced.

  China's machine tool industry is still relatively backward in the equipment manufacturing industry, the current domestic machine tool industry in the domestic market share of about 70%, while the market share of CNC machine tools is only about 43%, external dependence is quite high; and high-end CNC machine tools, especially high, refined, sharp CNC machine tool market share of less than 10%, to our high-speed precision CNC machine tools left a lot of room for development. In such a market environment, CME China Machine Tool Show as a modern equipment manufacturing service industry professional display platform, the influence has been further enhanced.
Upgrading of high-end machine tool equipment market demand

  After several years of continuous decline last year, many small and medium enterprises have been struggling, capital chain at any time may be broken; Single business, at zero profit or even lose money to do. This reflects the market's harsh competition, on the other hand also reflects the machine tool industry, low-end products, a serious excess capacity.


  And some high-end machine tool products, especially high-precision five-axis machining machine tool shows the lack of supply in China, even if our country has been able to produce high-end machine tools, product stability, reliability, precision retention, and Easy to operate and maintenance services have to be improved. It is precisely these shortcomings, resulting in machine users do not want to buy the use of domestic high-end machine tools, would rather spend big money to buy advanced high-end machine in developed countries.CME China Machine Tool Show has become the focus of many enterprises on the machine temporary market

  Whether it is engineering machinery or automotive, aerospace and medical and other machine tool industry, the main application areas, in the face of the continuous changes in end users, machine tool industry must pay close attention to the downstream manufacturers of the pace of transformation, conform to the entire industrial industry market trends. In addition to deep plowing their own products into the integration of advanced technology, but also to change the thinking as soon as possible, to grasp the future trend of application of enterprises, to explore the characteristics of automotive, aerospace, engineering machinery users, from the essence of the pulse machine users need their users terminal sound, "Customers do not mean users", the only way to continue in the industry market leap forward.

  At this time the exhibition played a platform role will be obvious. CME China Machine Tool Show last time, for example, has attracted, including CSR, North car, car, Foxconn, Shanghai Volkswagen, aerospace engineering equipment, Sany Heavy Industry, Dongfeng Motor, Cummins, Siemens, Xi'an space engine, General Electric Within the large enterprises to visit the procurement, and reached a depth of cooperation with their intention to become the focus of their procurement procurement platform.
Enterprises want to attract more customers in the development of concern, in the depth of their own products at the same time, a strong promotion is also a necessary choice. March 20-18, 2018, 2018CME China Machine Tool Show will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center grand opening. By then, more than 1,000 exhibitors from all over the country will carry thousands of sets of general purpose machine tools, special machine tools and industrial robots and other major exhibits, competing display machine tool industry development of the latest results.

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